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GIFT Copy - Indie Game: The Movie


A gift-ready version of Indie Game: The Movie,  perfect for sharing the movie.  

Write the recipients name on the front, your's on the back, and pass it forward.

The concept is pretty straightforward.  This is a no-frills, gift-able physical DVD copy of the film - completely ready for you to customize and give to your mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparents, the woman that lives down the hall, friends of the family that never quite got it.

Just fill out their name and hand it over.

Gift DVD features: 

  • Full theatrical version of IGTM
  • Full ‘Family Friendly’ version of IGTM 
  • Customizable sleeve packaging, with spaces for 'To:' & 'From:'
  • English, French, Spanish & Portuguese subtitles 
  • Director signed (on back) versions available ... if you like that sorta thing.

Available for $7.99 each or a 3 pack for $9.99