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Special Edition DVD, Indie Game: The Movie

Sold out.

Limited Special Edition Box Set of Indie Game: The Movie

The special edition is currently sold out.  But we are looking to do a reprint.  If you would like to be notified, please join our mailing list at:



The IGTM Special Edition is a 300+ minute anthology collection of completely new material.  It is the ultimate version of Indie Game: The Movie.  

Through the Special Edition, find out what happened after, discover new stories & developers and dive deeper into the film than you ever could before.  It is an extra THREE film’s worth of IGTM goodness.


Barely fitting into three full DVDs, the Special Edition Box Set is housed in limited edition packaging with artwork by Edmund McMillen.


It is a limited edition release - only 3,000 DVD sets are being printed.


Included in the physical set:

  • Three discs containing over 10 hours of IGTM content.
  • Limited edition packaging with artwork by Edmund McMillen
  • A dual-sided poster featuring the original IGTM theatrical poster and a limited edition poster with artwork by Edmund McMillen
  • Indie Game: The Movie laptop sticker
  • All editions are hand signed, numbered and lovingly handcrafted by the directors and their tired little hands
  • Limited Edition of 3,000 DVDs and 3,000 Blu-Ray sets

Included on the discs: 

  • Full Theatrical cut of Indie Game: The Movie
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Audio Mix / 2.1 Stereo Mix
  • Directors Film Commentary
  • Team Meat Film Commentary
  • Family Friendly Theatrical Cut (Swear Free & possible offending visuals removed)
  • Over 300+ minutes of new material.
  • 100+ minutes of a new short film anthology.  
  • Epilogues & ‘What Happened After?’
  • Deleted Scenes
  • New Team Meat Commentary (on the short film anthology, Epilogues & Deleted Scenes)
  • Making Of Featurette:  ‘Indie Game: Behind The Movie’
  • Discussion and Q&A with the full ‘Cast & Crew’ of IGTM
  • Post Screening Director Q & A
  • Extended Interviews
  • All discs are region-free


Limited Edition:

There are only 3,000 Special Edition DVD Sets being printed.  Pick it up while you can.